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Shanghai, China

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City descritpion

With its historic temples, its colonial buildings at the Bund and its futuristic skyscrapers at the financial district of Pudong, the Chinese metropolis offers a mixture of traditional and modern elements.

The promenade at the banks of the river Huangpu is flanked by numerous buildings form the colonial area which were home to trading companies, banks and insurance companies in the late 19th and early 20th century. The opposite bank of the river is dominated by the skyscrapers of the financial district of Pudong.

The garden was built in 1559 and is considered to be a prime example for Chinese garden design.

Oriental Pearl Tower
With its various spheres and columns, the 468 meter high observation and television tower is one of the landmarks of Shanghai. In additions to several observation desks, the tower is home to a revolving restaurant, a hotel and a museum about the history of the city.

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